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"I recommend that my patients switch to plastic-free organic cotton period products, like Mondays, for their gynaecological health and the health of the planet too."

Dr Annabelle Faure Van Rossum Gynacologist and Obstrecian, FMH

Organic Cotton

Plastic Free


Fragrance Free

Organic Mondays Organic Cotton Period Products Pesticide Free
Organic Mondays Organic Cotton Period Products Fragrance Free

Small change - BIG impact

50% of the population have periods for 50% of their lives. Make menstrual health a priority for the benefit of all.

Organic Pads with wings

Available in 2 absorbencies (Mid-Flow & Heavy-Flow)

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Applicator Tampons

Available in 2 absorbencies (Regular & Super)

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Environmental Impact

Menstrual products are the 5th most commonly found single-use plastic on European beaches. Mondays products are plastic-free (including packaging) make an easy eco switch!

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“We’re delighted to partner with Mondays and most importantly our female employees think it’s a great idea”

Robin Errico, Chief Risk Officer and Diversity & Inclusion Leader - EY

“Periods shouldn’t be a barrier for women at work and this is an important step to be truly inclusive as an employer.”

Louise Houston, Head of Inclusion & Diversity - Tarmac

“Mondays were recommended to me....Really impressed with the quality, price and most importantly they're a sustainable product.”

Nick Finch Facilities Manager - Montagu Evans