Plastic free periods made easy

No commitments, pay as you go and cancel anytime.

For you

A unique box customised by you, for you, delivered as often as you need it. #lovemondays, join the movement led by women and be part of the change.

Women have 450 periods in a lifetime, it's worth getting the right products for you!

Planet friendly

Mondays’ products are 100% plastic free, made with organic cotton and packaged sustainably.

Better for you,

better for the planet.

Women use 11,000 period products in their lifetime,  most of these are single-use plastics.


With a one-time registration you need never shop for period products again. We deliver your essentials to your door and you gain time back.

Women spend over 350 hours shopping for period products in their lifetime!

How a subscription works

Choose your products

A Mondays box holds 25 products, you pick the combination because you know your body best.

For just CHF 17 (c. € 15.50) a month.

We deliver to your door at no extra cost, so you’re always prepared.

Set your cycle

At Mondays we understand that there is no standard woman and no standard cycle.

Set your delivery schedule to sync with your menstrual cycle.

If you think 25 products is too many or too few for your cycle, we are flexible, we're here for everywoman.

Do more of what you love...

and less of what you don't (i.e. shopping for period products)!

If you do need to make a change,  log in anytime to adjust, skip or cancel, at no extra cost.

We think you’ll love Mondays, but if you don’t.... there’s no commitment, it’s free to cancel anytime.

For a bespoke Mondays' Box

Our period products

Sustainable period products that we stand behind and you can trust.

Period Pads
Available in 2 absorbencies

Organic Cotton Upper Core

FSC Registered Pulp Lower Core

Protective Wings

Individually wrapped in compostable


Available in 2 absorbencies

100% Organic Cotton Core

100% Organic Cotton String

Cardboard Applicator with

soft rounded tip

Individually wrapped in Paper

Panty Liners
Panty Liners come in pairs

100% Organic Cotton

Individually wrapped in compostable Mater-Bi®