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Our Story

The idea for Mondays was born out of the recurring problem that Nancy never had the period products she needed, when she needed them!  Like most women she never prioritised purchasing these essentials and as a result she was never prepared.

That time is over!

Elisabeth & Nancy have founded Mondays so no woman need ever run out of period products again and what is more we have a purpose, to make plastic free environmentally friendly period products easily accessible to every woman.

Better for you, better for the planet.

Mondays Musings

Why the Name Mondays?

Monday is named after the Moon and our periods follow a lunar cycle. Monday is often a day we dread, as many women dread their period. Mondays wants to help ease some of the pain by removing the need to continuously buy pads or tampons. At Mondays we’re about making...

For Women by Women, Why Does that Matter? Part 2

As women we, like you, used the period products we grew up with the ones you find in every supermarket in every country. 

Luxury or Necessity?

Are period products a luxury item? It is taxed like one, yet Viagra is not considered to be a luxury and is therefore taxed at a lower rate. What can possibly be an argument for ‘luxury’ rated VAT charges on period products? As complex as it may be, if countries such...

For Women by Women, Why Does that Matter? Part 1

As women, we know that buying period products is a hassle, it is a chore none of us enjoy. Some of us forget to restock regularly and often un-thinkingly throw the products we’ve used for years into our supermarket trolley. At Mondays we believe in making life easier...

It’s Period Products …

After listening to the podcast by on Sustainababble  we decided that we no longer want to use words like hygiene or sanitary when talking or writing about our period products. There is nothing unhygienic about having a period, and perhaps by changing the...


Mondays has a mission:  To make women’s lives more convenient and ensure plastic free period products are the future.

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What is it about having plastic in a period pad, that is so bad?
The key here is what is left behind once you have used your period pad… plastic. Plastic takes at least 1000 years to decompose…. if ever and in a woman’s lifetime that is on average 11,000 single use non-recyclable menstrual products, that is a lot of plastic waste. The impact of plastic on our planet is huge, but we can do something. Mondays period products leave 0% plastic waste and are 100% compostable. Plastic is not needed in our menstrual products…. PERIOD.
What are Mondays’ period products and packaging made of?
Mondays’ products and their packaging are 100% plastic free and 100% compostable.

Our pads and liners are made from 100% organic cotton top sheet, 100% organic cotton primary core, TCF sustainably harvested cellulose absorption core, mater-bi bioplastic barrier back sheet

Our liners are made from 100% organic cotton topsheet, 100% organic cotton core, mater-bi bioplastic barrier backsheet.

Our tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, sustainable cardboard applicators and paper wrapping.

There are NO dyes, synthetics, perfumes or chlorine found in our products.

If a conventional tampon is not 100% cotton, what is in it?
If a period product is not made of 100% cotton, what is in it?

Most of the well-known brands of period products are made of synthetics, like rayon and sometimes a rayon cotton mix.

Rayon is a manufactured semi-synthetic fibre, this involves a heavy industrial and chemical process. Conventionally farmed cotton also damages our delicate eco-system due to the high usage of pesticides (15% of world pesticide use).

Menstrual pads from many of the best known brands contain something they call Super Absorbant Polymers, these are derived from crude oil, or polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene, none of which are biodegradable. Mondays does not contain SAPs, we use only organic cotton.

Not only does the manufacturing of these menstrual products result in the destruction of our eco-system but they also continue to harm our planet long after our lifetime.

There are some alternative menstrual products with far less environmental impact than even the best pads and tampons. Why not encourage the use of those alternative products?
We would definitely encourage every girl and women to explore and talk about alternative products, to help break the taboo and question what we are using every month.

As we ourselves have discovered, not all alternative products are a possibility for every women, or for every period. Mondays/ We want to offer women, who are comfortable using pads and tampons, an environmentally friendly but also convenient way to continue doing so.  Every woman should be free to use period products of their choice every month and not sacrifice the future of our planet in the process.

Isn't a non-applicator (digital) tampon a more environmentally friendly option than an applicator tampon?
The reason we only supply tampons with applicators is that they are, at this time, the only 100% plastic free option.  Every digital tampon is wrapped in plastic, that is 11,000 period products in a lifetime and a great deal of unnecessary plastic that will take 500-1,000 years to biodegrade.

We know plenty of women prefer digital tampons, so watch this space………

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