Period products are an essential, just like toilet paper...

Sustainable dispensers, tampons & pads for your workplace, school, stadium, event space or sports club

To perform at her best she needs to be empowered to care for her natural needs with confidence, free from shame

Why providing menstrual products is a great investment for your organisation

Improve women's experience

86% of women have started their period without the products they need. By providing period products you increase engagement, focus & attendance.

The tide is changing

On 1. January 2022 it became law in Michigan, USA to provide tampons & pads in all public washrooms. Promote equality in the bathrooms now and benefit by being a leader.

Low cost, big impact

50% of the population need period products for 50% of their lives. For less than the price of a cup of coffee per month you create an environment where that 50% know they belong.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Mainstream menstrual products are not just wrapped in plastic, but made with plastic too. The environmental impact of every purchasing decision matters, sourcing responsibly is key.

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Sustainable period care for your workplace

It's simple to make your bathrooms truly inclusive - toilet paper is not the only essential! We can help you find the right solution

Free-vend dispensers

Durable, sleek & easy to maintain and refill. Keeps the bathroom neat & tidy.

Ready to display kits

An instant solution with a combination of products ideal for any bathroom shelf.

Organic period products

Supplied in bulk or smaller quantities. Always sustainable. Always plastic-free.

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“When designing an environment that is meant to work for everyone we need women in the room.”

Caroline Criado Perez, Invisible Women

Install our free-vend dispensers to meet the natural needs of your people because who carries coins these days?

Stocked with plastic-free period products to close the gender data gap and tangibly demonstrate your commitment to D,E&I. Our compact dispensers are the best on the market.

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Everyone loves Mondays ;)

No need anymore to make excuses and rush to the supermarket...

...especially since it's organic and plastic-free...

We all have the occasional emergency...

Hi, we're Elisabeth & Nancy

We believe that embracing differences (including the fact that we menstruate) is a part of the D&I journey toward gender equality.

Having started our careers in the corporate world our experience inspired us to found Mondays, with a mission to make dealing with periods easier, healthier, better.

A mission led brand

Make a purchasing decision that respects both people and the planet.

No-one is too big or too small to partner Mondays and have an impact. We can tailor a solution to meet your organisation's needs.