The Best Period Products for Your Menstrual Flow

What are the best period products for your menstrual flow? Tampons and pads come in a variety of absorbencies but our research shows that most people just use one product with one absorbency throughout their period. Not only that most people use that one product throughout the course of their lives.

At Mondays we have a range of products, in a range of absorbencies. Our bespoke boxes have been designed to hold the full range of Mondays products. Our Mondays amazing fact is that the Bespoke Box option can come in 23,751 varieties!!! One box for everyone's period needs, but the big question for many remains - WHY?

Organic Mondays Plastic free periods made easy

Why use different absorbencies?

Simply put, menstrual flow changes during your period and it is important for your health that you match the period products you use to your flow. Your period may be regular and for a specified number of days every month without fail, yet it will not be a steady flow from the word go to the end. The amount of blood you shed, will vary day to day, during the course of each period. And your periods will change throughout the course of your life…it is time to pay attention to your body, to your menstrual flow and don’t just make do, use the best products for you.

Those days of ‘anticipation’

For most of us, there is that time when you know your period is due but it has not yet arrived…. For people with irregular periods this can be for several days, each and every month. For other’s whose cycle is like clockwork, this period of anticipation may only last a few hours.

When you suspect that your period might arrive but, as yet, it has not made an appearance there is no need to wear a pad or a tampon. In fact you should definitely NOT be wearing a tampon, in anticipation of your period, EVER (see the section below on TSS).

As someone who has had irregular periods my whole life, I can attest to the fact first hand that these are not my ‘days of anticipation’ but rather my ‘days of concern’! I fear being in that awful situation of being caught without a period product when I need it or worse still, of having an embarrassing leak… so the temptation to pop in a period product to avoid such a situation materialising is, definitely there. On these ‘days of anticipation’ (or concern depending on who you are!) we recommend using pantyliners and popping a purse with a few period products in your bag, you will save your underwear and be able to carry on worry free.

Mondays Pantyliners are classified as 1 drop, meaning they can absorb up to 6g of fluid. They are ideal to protect your favourite most fabulous underwear and whenever you have lots of discharge you can always use a Mondays pantyliner to freshen up. Mondays Pantyliners are 100% organic cotton. They’re our best seller which is why we have released a Pantyliner Kit a Mondays Box containing 72 of these fantastic little liners. These are so popular we manufacture them at 1000 a minute…. Take a look at our YouTube video to see them in production.

The Starting Line

This is when you know you’re ON! The flow has started, hopefully you’re prepared (a subscription is an awesome way of making sure you always are) and you can now stop the ‘days of worry’ and pop your product of choice in!

For A Lighter Day

Day Pads

There will be those of you who have a very light flow for a day or so. At this stage, depending on your flow and your lifestyle, we suggest using a Mondays teal coloured pad (often referred to as a day pad). Even if you are a tampon disciple, why not try a day pad especially if your flow is very light or intermittent to begin with? I know many tampon disciples that have tried Mondays pads and fallen for them! Those bulky, sweaty, leaky pads of their youth having put them off pads forever…. But we are happy to say you will FEEL the difference with a Mondays Pad. They are made with organic cotton, they are thin, breathable and have wings (to prevent those sideways leaks). Comfortable pads that are reliable and proven to work.

Best Period Products for your Menstrual Flow
A Mondays organic cotton day pad

A Mondays teal coloured pad, also referred to as a day pad is classified as 3 drops meaning it is capable of absorbing up to 11g of fluid. Perfect period protection for 4-6 hours.

Vaginal infections are yeast or fungal infections that can occur any time there is the opportunity for bacteria and other microorganisms to multiply in warm and moist conditions. It is, therefore, important to change your period pad regularly, we recommend changing your pad every 3-4 hours, during the day, to help prevent vaginal infections and skin rashes.

Regular Tampons

Tampons should be selected carefully. Take care to always choose the right tampon for your flow. If you use a tampon that is too high an absorbency you risk forgetting to change it regularly enough. This can be dangerous.

Best Period Products for your Menstrual Flow

Leaving a tampon in for too long a time is associated with an increased risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but potentially life-threatening infection resulting from the accumulation in the body of toxins produced by certain bacteria. (If you have any of the symptoms of TSS, remove your tampon and contact your doctor immediately).

You should change your tampon every 4 hours. Your tampon should in fact NEED to be changed every 4-6 hours, meaning it should be easy to remove and not leave your vagina dry.

It is little known that using a tampon of too high an absorbency can cause TSS, even when you change it regularly. When there is not enough menstrual blood for the tampon to absorb, the tampon will absorb the natural vaginal moisture (discharge). This leads to the vaginal canal becoming excessively dry. When the vagina is excessively dry microscopic tears can be caused by inserting or removing tampons which in turn can allow bacteria and bacterial toxins direct access to the bloodstream potentially causing TSS.

So for your lighter days select a Mondays blush coloured, 2 drop regular tampon.

Best Period Products for your Menstrual Flow
A Mondays Tampon - 100% organic cotton with a cardboard applicator

It is 100% organic cotton, free from dyes, bleaches and plastics (unfortunately not the case for all tampons). Just like all regular tampons on the market with 2 drop absorbency, a Mondays blush tampon will absorb up to 8g of fluid.

If you are worried that a 2 drop tampon is not quite going to keep you covered - what if your meeting overruns or the bus is late? Then why not pop in a pantyliner for that back-up protection rather than opting for an unnecessarily high absorbency.

Those Heavy Days

Night Pads

If you are like me, these days come right at the start! Straight out of the gates I go from zero to 10! A heavy day needs reliable protection. At Mondays we have period products you can trust.

When your flow is strong and a teal / day pad does not provide the protection you need, swap to night!

Best Period Products for your Menstrual Flow

Mondays pink pads are classified as 4 drops, meaning they can absorb up to 14g of fluid.

These Pink (4 drop) Pads are often referred to as Night Pads, but don’t be fooled they work just as well during the day! They are just very popular as a night time option as they are slightly longer and arguably are better designed to provide protection for lying on your front and back and side during a restless night.

Super Tampons

If you find that after 1-2 hours you need to change your regular blush tampon as it is saturated already, then you will need to use a Mondays super teal coloured tampon.

Best Period Products for your Menstrual Flow

The teal, super tampon is 100% organic cotton, free from dyes, bleaches and plastics. Just like all regular tampons on the market with 3 drop absorbency, a Mondays teal tampon will absorb up to 11g of fluid.

We opted for applicator tampons as opposed to digital tampons at Mondays because we were unable to source digital (or non-applicator or naked) tampons that were wrapped in anything other than plastic. Being committed to #plasticfreeperiods tampons wrapped in plastic are simply not an option for us.

(We know that there is very little waste with digital tampons but on our mission to make plastic-free periods easy we have decided to go the whole hog! We even had our partner manufacturing the Mondays postal box remove the red plastic backing from the tear strip. Mondays is 100% plastic-free.)

Crossing the Finish Line!

As your period draws to an end, the flow gets slow… drop back to a lighter level of absorbency, until you feel you’re done!

You know it’s ended (at least you bloody hope it has) but go commando at your own risk! If you’re product free and the bloody thing makes a reappearance it can ruin the day (not to mention your your outfit!). You know your body best, but if you’re anything like me go for a pantyliner for a day or two to finish in style! And at Mondays we’re really proud of all the press coverage we have had describing how stylish Mondays products really are.

Why the variety?

That’s a lot of different products for one period, I used to buy one do I really need to buy 5 different products for every period…?

Best Period Products for your Menstrual Flow

It’s not a lot of products it’s just a really good variety, we have you covered. With Mondays you have the option of purchasing the right mix of period products with different absorbencies so you can use the right absorbency for your flow throughout your period. If you’re unsure create a Bespoke for yourself with your favourite products and add in a couple of all the rest to try. A Mondays subscription is totally flexible, just log back in to your account anytime to adjust your mix.

The option to totally customise your own mix of period products is unique to Mondays. In addition to our Most Popular Mix Kit, which contains a selection of all Mondays products, we offer a totally customisable Bespoke Box. With a total of 23,751 different Mondays Mixes possible, now that’s personalisation! Set up your bespoke subscription now!