It's about bloody time we become period positive

Last week Louka wrote her Mondays' blog about how she has decided to change her mindset regarding periods and start seeing it in a more positive way. No small feat when you have a (n)ever-ending period.

We were delighted when we received some touching and some funny insights from the Mondays' community on why you love your periods…

1. Celia loves her periods because she has an excuse not to have sex; 

2. Laura loves it because it means she's not pregnant; 

3. Francesca is delighted as she can get a sick note and not attend swimming lessons; 

4. Mara can eat chocolate and lots of it…without feeling guilty; 

5. Anna can finally binge-watch the latest Crown series; 

6. Because Antonia loves period sex; 

7. Pascal is happy as the PMS bloating goes away; 

8. Johanna loves that she runs faster when menstruating; 

9. Andrea cannot wait to curl up on the sofa with a hot water bottle and read a book; 

10. Alice loves her periods because she knows she's fertile; 

11. Isabel finds she is more creative and can work on her book when in the bloody days; 

12. Charlie gets better skin as her spots go away;

13. And Elisabeth, of course, loves her periods so that she can use Mondays ;)

Being period positive is very individual and as Louka pointed out, often needs to be worked at. We realise for some it is harder than for others. More often than not, periods are associated with being female and yet not all who menstruate identify with being a woman. On the other hand, some women do not menstruate and do not (and should not) feel any less female as a result.

Here are some ideas we think can help you become period positive in an inclusive and respectful way:

  • Say menstrual or period products instead of 'sanitary' or 'hygiene' because periods aren't dirty
  • Learn about periods and the life-cycle of menstruation to fully understand what is happening
  • Support charities and non-profit organisations who educate, campaign and fight for menstruators
  • Purchase products from sustainable menstrual brands, this way you know your period is better for you and for the planet
  • Talk about periods with family and friends to normalise the subject
  • Support campaigns to cut VAT on menstrual products - currently, they are taxed at higher levels than 'essentials' like Viagra or a bunch of flowers… 

Want more period positive pledges? Check out this page

★Last but not least, if you have a Swiss mobile number VOTE for Mondays on the link below, so we can open up a positive period conversation!