Why the Hotel Huus Gstaad provides organic period products for guests & employees

Ever thought that having access to period products in a hotel makes perfect sense? Well, if you decide to spend your ski vacation at the fabulous Huus Gstaad in the Swiss Alps you will find Mondays organic period products!

The management of Huus Gstaad Hotel have created a true alpine escape with an exceptional customer experience. They realise that a commitment to sustainability is, not only critical to their impeccable reputation, but also to the future of the hospitality industry. We are thrilled that they have responsibly sourced Mondays’ sustainable, organic period products and shared our commitment to period dignity for their employees and guests.

To better understand why the hotel Huus Gstaad opted for Mondays, we had the chance to meet Paulo the Housekeeping Manager
Paulo, originally from Portugal,  has lived and worked in Gstaad since 2007, starting his career at the Park Gstaad Hotel. In 2013 he moved to work at The Alpina Hotel and since 2021 has held the position of Housekeeping Manager at the Huus Gstaad Hotel.


Room at Huus Gstaad providing Mondays period products 

Why is sustainability such an important issue for you at Huus Gstaad? 

Paulo and his team are not only concerned about but also well-informed of the impact the hotel industry has on the planet. Paulo talked to us about the hotel industry and how it contributes to global warming and plastic pollution. Due to the fact that guests usually only stay on average in hotels between 2 to 3 days a great deal of single-use products (soap, shampoo…) and resources for cleaning are used.

Climate change does and will continue to impact the hospitality sector. Extreme weather increases the cost of operations and reduces the number of tourists visiting certain destinations.

The hotel sector accounts for around 1% of global carbon emissions and this is set to increase. Hospitality, like other industries, has a responsibility to manage its impact on our planet and the Huus Gstaad places great importance on making the right choices NOW ( for example regarding the single-use products provided in their rooms). 

“The main goal for hoteliers now is to reduce the impact of plastic pollution by using environmentally-friendly materials and packaging." - Paulo

In recent years, as awareness of climate change and pollution has grown, greater efforts have been made and are now expected by guests:

"In 95% of cases, guests gladly participate in all the proposed actions by the hotel“Paulo


Mondays partnership helps protect the planet

Gstaad ski domain Huus Hotel and Mondays period products

One of the main motivations for the hotel to choose Mondays’-products is that they are 100% plastic-free and packaged in biodegradable materials. Mondays is a perfect partner for the Huus Hotel as they help maintain and further improve the hotel's modern eco-friendly reputation.

Before Mondays, the Huus Gstaad team had already thought of placing period products within the hotel to make period products accessible to those who need it, when they need it.  Paulo is thrilled that organic and more environmentally friendly menstrual products are now offered by them:

"My manager suggested that we work with Organic Mondays and I agreed that they offer a much better solution than the products we were using before" - Paulo


Delighted clients and employees!

Mondays period products, available in the bathrooms, are individually packaged and have a fresh modern branding, which Paolo explained appeals to him as the Housekeeping Manager. It is important for his job to have a good eye for details, he wants to offer products that fit the design and ethos of this 4-star hotel: 

"As they are individually wrapped, they are ideal to offer to our guests and have an elegant and clean appearance" - Paulo

So far the feedback on the period products from Huus hotel guests and employees is more than promising...

"The guests, as well as some members of the housekeeping team, have tried the products and they say ......'WOW' " - Paulo

The team at Huus Gstaad & Mondays are delighted! 


Want to introduce period products at your workplace?

Does our work with Huus Gstaad resonate? Should organic period products available at your workplace or favourite hotel? 
Mondays would be happy to help you recommend period products to your favourite hotel, your workplace or sports club. We have an email ready for you to use - this introduces the initiative, the benefits of making period products available, just like toilet paper.
We can help and guide you on who would possible decision makers and why they would benefit from helping you introduce Mondays to their organisation.
Our "For businesses" page, you will find out how we are making period products accessible to everyone; in hotels, offices, clubs, schools... go check it out or get in touch