What are you wearing underneath?

Author: Elisabeth Dewey

Confidence is not a given. It comes from the knowledge that you are worth looking after.  If you feel good, you radiate confidence and when you look confident, you look good to others.

Take care of yourself

We women are notoriously bad at prioritising caring for ourselves. To take care of yourself is a positive and inclusive act, not a selfish one because when you truly believe you are worth looking after, you contribute far more to your community; you trust that you have something concrete to offer and you have the confidence to actively contribute. 

Feel Good, Look Good

Hold on to self-confidence or re-gain it by learning how to take care of your body and mind. Acquire a few good habits (at whatever age!) and they can help you feel good and thus look good for a lifetime.

This advent why not create a list of how best to nourish the inner you:  Write down a habit a day, 25 habits, to take greater care of yourself. Read a book every month, go for a walk or a hike, do more exercise, call a friend or family member for a chat on a quiet evening, buy less processed foods...  everyone's list will be very different, the important thing is to identify what makes you feel good and make commitment to yourself to do more of these things. 

A Neglected Part of Self-Care

One area we (Mondays) see that is more often than not neglected or ignored - is periods/menstruation. We have about 450 periods in our life-time and our menstrual cycle is often a reflection of our physical and mental health, so it is important to care for our periods. We can take many small steps to have a healthier, more confident attitude to periods. 

A simple conversation about periods normalises it and reinforces the message that it is a healthy biological event. Ask a female family member or a friend how their periods are? Do they have any tips for you? 

Tracking is understanding

Our Menarche Kit comes with a small tracker, but there are a lot of other options on how to best track your periods.

Track your periods, it's so easy these days with all the apps on offer (chose ones that don't sell your data), it will help you understand your cycle and the different phases/moods you experience. With this knowledge, you can then change your diet or activity levels, or simply accept that what you feel is normal. I am less hard on myself now and feel more in control just because I realise what my body is going through. Understanding your cycle is a way to take some control, be prepared (a surprise period can be very upsetting and knock the confidence of even the most robust girl or woman) and also learn what is normal and healthy for you. 

There is ever more choice in period products, take the time to talk to friends about what they use and what might work for you and if there isn’t anyone in your circle you want to discuss this with, there are some wonderful pharmacists you can visit who will give you valuable advice and guidance. 

Many of us watch our diets or the clothes we wear - surely our periods deserve the same attention. It is a small step but one that we are convinced can make you feel good and look good.

You are what you wear

When I feel confident in what I am wearing than my whole attitude changes for the better, surely this counts for the period products you use too "You are what you wear". During your period you may feel the impact physically and mentally, it's even more important at this time of the month to make sure you’re wearing the best period product for you and your lifestyle. 

With Mondays, you know you are using the best natural product on your skin and in your body - be proud, be confident and be assured that you deserve this.