Mondays a 1% For the Planet Member since DAY 1 - YOU BUY, WE DONATE

At Mondays, we're committed to the future of our planet. Right from the beginning, we were determined to build a company that did the right thing and made a positive difference to the environment. 

That's why we signed up to 1% for the Planet. From the first day that Mondays' period products went on sale, we've committed to donating 1% of every purchase made, back to the environment.

But where exactly does your money go? 1% for the Planet provides businesses like Mondays with expertise in environmental giving, credibility consumers trust and the accountability to follow through. As part of being a for profit member of 1% for the Planet we are audited every year. 1% of our annual sales are directly donated to the network of 1% For the Planet vetted environmental non-profit partners. We have to declare our revenues and have proof of donations that match at least 1% of the annual revenues.  


What is 1% for the Planet 

1% for the Planet was created in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia and  Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, with the intent of giving back to the environment.

"We are the ones that caused all of these problems, so therefore we are the ones that have to solve them" Yvon Chouinard, Co-founder,  1% for the Planet.

1% for the Planet connects businesses (dollars) with nonprofit organisations (doers) to "accelerate smart environmental giving". 

Kate Williams, CEO of  1% for the Planet, explains why these partnerships are profoundly meaningful:

"Nonprofits are able to go where businesses can't go because sometimes there's not a market. They're able to be more bold and activist, because they're driven by their mission"

To date 530m US $ have been donated to the non-profits by the community of 5'400 corporate members, that include companies such as Pukka, Woolrich,  Patagonia and Mondays ofcourse!


Which 1% For the Planet charities have the Mondays community donated to? 

In Kind Direct 

In Kind Direct believe everyone deserves access to life’s essentials and that no usable product should go to waste.


This incredible UK charity is our newest 1% For the Planet partner and it focusses on distributing consumer products, donated by companies, to over 6000 charitable organisations in their network to ensure that everyone has access to the products they need to keep clean, safe and well. Founded in 1996 by HRH King Charles III, they work as a bridge between purpose-driven companies and the UK communities in need of products, supporting 365,000 people every week.

They offer a simple solution to product giving through a single point of contact and are the leading charity distributing new and unused consumer goods. They receive donated consumer products, which they then sort, store and distribute directly to charitable organisations in our network across the UK, helping their services to go further in supporting vulnerable people and communities. ​

Their recent campaign 'Hygiene Poverty - Not a Choice'  has been incredibly successful in raising awareness and funds to support the millions of people suffering from Hygiene Poverty in the UK. Mondays are proud partners in this campaign and have donated products and financial support to this campaign to help 1000's of households. 


City to Sea

City to Sea is nonprofit founded in 2015 by award-winning environmental campaigner, author, and speaker Natalie Fee. An environmental organisation campaigning to stop plastic pollution - from the city to the sea. Their vision is for the world's waterways and coastlines to be strewn with sticks, sand and seaweed … not plastic! 

They work with communities, corporates and retailers to inspire and empower everyone to tackle plastic pollution. 

In 2017 they initiated the Plastic Free Periods campaign, which couldn't be more in line with our values. Everything you need to know about the campaign and how to get involved can be read here:

Ocean Care

OceanCare is a Swiss non-profit organisation which has been committed to marine wildlife protection since its foundation in 1989. The organization has a strong commitment to realistic and cooperative initiatives and is committed to formal processes. It works at national and international level in the areas of marine pollution, environmental changes, fisheries, whaling, sealing, captivity of marine mammals and public education.

OceanCare is committed to marine wildlife and ocean protection worldwide. Its focus is on animal and species protection as well as the conservation of marine habitats. Through research and conservation projects, environmental education campaignsand intensive involvement in international committees, the organisation undertakes concrete steps to improve living conditions in the world‘s oceans. In doing so, OceanCare pursues a solution-oriented and scientifically based approach.  

Girls on Ice - Switzerland

Girls on Ice have a mission to empower young women through science, art and wilderness exploration. Inspiring Girls Expeditions seeks to…

  • Increase the participation and diversity of women in field sciences, art, and outdoor recreation. We encourage attitudes which foster supportive and inclusive science and outdoor communities.
  • Foster young women’s self-confidence in their physical, intellectual, and leadership abilities while creating lifelong advocates for Earth science and wilderness stewardship.
  • Support a network for current early-career scientists, artists, and guides through continuing development opportunities and collaboration.


As a Mondays' subscriber, you too are a part of the 1% community! We are proud to have you help us. 

Collective action adds up.