Why the name Mondays?

Author: Nancy Saddington

We are often asked why the name Mondays?

The word Monday actually originates from the Latin language dies lunae which means “day of the Moon” and as our periods follow a lunar cycle, there is a natural affinity between menstruation and Mondays. And did you know that the word menstruation from the Latin mense (meaning month) and the Greek mene (meaning moon). Put it all together and we have an interesting synergy between Mondays, menstruation and the Moon.

Then there is also the emotional connection!  Monday is a day many dread, just as many women dread their periods!  It struck a cord, another natural fit!

Not to mention all the practical facts - a company needs a name that is easy to spell, memorable and not ‘owned’ by any other brand… We are proud to say that Mondays is unique.

Here at Mondays we LOVE Mondays!  We want you to love Mondays too!  Let’s celebrate the first day of the week as an exciting day to begin anew, make a change, start new projects, make a commitment to do more of what we love…

So in a nutshell why the name Mondays? Simply because we see it is a great day to start...

I Love Mondays because it is a great way to start ... my period