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Author: Louka 

Imagine having your period every day. Every. Single. Day.

Waking up, going to school or work, working out, going out, getting intimate… Imagine everything you do, you do it bleeding. Being on your period can be tough, and we're always happy when it's over after a couple of days. But imagine if it doesn't stop. There is no break and period products become a daily essential. Despite the cramps, you try to function as good as you can and mood swings come unexpectedly. You have to learn how to deal with it without being able to blame PMS (because there is no cycle, only the constant symptoms of a period). You seek help but no doctor or specialist has been able to help you. Are you able to imagine yourself in this situation? Does it sound crazy? Do you think it sucks?

This is my story

Well yeah, it does. This is my story. My name is Louka, I am 24 years old and I've been bleeding constantly since the age of 15. I've struggled with these insane #periodproblems for 9 years now, and no one has been able to find the root causes of my condition. I've been in and out hospitals, enduring the craziest treatments in an attempt to find a cure. I can even tell you what menopause feels like. I’ve been depending on doctors for so many years but with no luck. I have never felt comfortable openly talking about what the reality of menstruation means for me, until one year ago when I decided to start sharing my story with the world.

Opening the conversation

Together with my best friend and filmmaker Sofie Wolthers, we are in the process of making Period Piece, a documentary addressing menstruation in all it's forms. The deeper I dive into the world of menstruation, the more knowledge I want to share with others. 

While being on this exciting journey, my curiosity grows and I am constantly learning along the way. I am getting more in touch with my own body and have noticed I am much more aware of what I put into it, for example: tampons. Since I use them every day, I have been researching a lot about period products, in an attempt to find better and healthier solutions for my body. I started avoiding the regular brands of tampons and pads and have been experimenting with a variety of different period products and brands. This is how I came across Mondays. They got in touch a little while ago because they were moved by my story and in September 2019, we had our first call and really inspired each other.  I got to try their organic and plastic-free period products and it turned out they really work well for me. We decided to team up and start a partnership to inspire more and more people to make healthier and better decisions when it comes to their menstruation. 

Mondays with Louka

And so we created 'Mondays with Louka'. On the first Monday of every month, we will post about different topics related to menstruation. I will talk about my experiences, share my knowledge and try to open a conversation. Will you join me?

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