International Day of the Girl - Period Dignity helps women & girls achieve their full potential

International Day of the Girl 11th October 2023

It’s UNICEF International Day of the Girl and we want to highlight our Period Dignity Initiative and the positive impact this has on our community and girls. 

How does providing Mondays’ sustainable period products in our bathrooms advocate for and enable girls to realise their rights and achieve their full potential?

 It normalises menstruation as a healthy,  natural bodily function.


Provide period products, just like toilet paper

Providing period products in the bathroom, just like we do toilet paper, soap and hand towels normalises menstruation. Girls and women are left feeling embarrassed and ashamed on a regular basis and have their school / work days interrupted because they do not have period products to hand.

❗️More than 3.5m school days a year are missed in the UK due to lack of access to period products and the shame around menstruation.*

❗️Eight in 10 women feel they are held back in their careers by taboos around periods new research has revealed, with stress and anxiety dominating the lives of working women when they are menstruating.*


The shame and taboo of menstruation follows a woman from menarche (her first period) to menopause. 

By providing period products in the workplace you advocate for the current and next generation of girls to be able to perform at their best and achieve their full potential, free from shame. 


Period Dignity is about ending period stigma and helping girls and women thrive in school and in the workplace.