Bags made with love

We care passionately about what our products are made of and their provenance. That's why Supreme Creations (Bags of EthicsTM) is the perfect partner to produce our gorgeous, and oh so handy, organic cotton purses that you will find in our First Period Kit. Daisy, Social Media and Content Marketing Executive of Supreme Creations, tells the inspiring story behind the company and their production facility. Read on 'You are what you carry' after all!

About Supreme Creations

"At Supreme Creations, we manufacture tote bags, makeup pouches, reusable packaging and other textile products that are produced in ethical and sustainable ways. Our label Bags of EthicsTM ensures that we recognize the people and the planet behind the product. We believe that the farmers, designers, tailors, packers, and artists behind the product should be remembered and respected. We believe in fair wages, good working conditions, and making every person along our supply chain feel important and empowered. Our ethical factory in Pondicherry, South India supports a production team that is made up of 90% women, all of whom we celebrate and admire. Many of these women are the main breadwinners of their families, and pillars of their communities. 

Supporting the planet

We also believe in supporting the planet. At every stage of the manufacturing process, we do everything we can to make the production of our bags as sustainable as possible. Part of our electricity consumption comes from 100% renewable energy in the UK. Furthermore, we have developed a 100% biodegradable lamination inside our bags made from vegetable starch and we do our best to upcycle waste fabric.

We have access to Global Recycled Standard Certified cotton - this means that the cotton is certified as organic and has met the criteria of the leading worldwide textile processing standard. Organic cotton means that the cotton farmers are not using pesticides containing nitrates. Most of our water-based inks are vegetable-based and are also REACH compliant. Our factory no longer pack samples in poly-bags, instead, we use cotton envelopes and newspaper stuffing to maintain shape. Sea freight is our preferred option rather than air freight which is practised by many of our clients.

Organic Mondays First Period Kit Organic Cotton Purse in production.
Mondays' purse in production 2019 ❤️

We use one of the premium dyeing houses in India, which is certified by the Environmental Board of India to not cause any toxic effluents. And we have introduced a high-quality vegan leather option, and have vegan certification of our products and production processes. We are also constantly developing new eco-friendly practices and materials which will further aid our positive effect on the planet.

About the bags

All of our bags are capable of being reused over 5000 times, meaning that they help with the issue of single-use plastic. We manufacture bags for many different brands. Working for companies like Mondays who share the same passion for the planet makes our efforts worthwhile. We do as much as we possibly can to save the planet and one thing which makes a big difference is limiting single-use plastic. Our bags make a great alternative to plastic bags which are damaging to the environment. Drawstring bags can be used when buying fresh produce from the supermarket, and tote bags can be used to carry up to 12kg of shopping. These are small changes that one can make very easily, which will have a big effect on the planet."