As women we, like you, used the period products we grew up with the ones you find in every supermarket in every country.  We unwittingly found out what was in those products and what we found out shocked us, we did not want to continue using those same products.  Furthermore, we believe once you find out what is IN the products you use every month, you will not want to use them again either.  The supermarkets and pharmacies are stocked almost exclusively with period products that are not made of cotton as we thought, but of plastic.  Yes, it is a little known fact that a sanitary pad is 90% plastic and a tampon is not just cotton but a cotton/rayon mix or just rayon (another plastic).  We have questioned if these are in fact the best products for us and our planet?  And why it was decided to make these products with plastic?  Who was in charge when that decision was made?

Whilst, we do know that sustainable products that do not contain plastic are on the market already (and there are some excellent products out there), we also know that to buy them requires a woman to make an extra trip every month to a organic or health shop to seek out sustainable products.  This, as women, is another job we know the busy women of today just don’t need.  As women at Mondays we are committed to making 100% plastic free, compostable products easily accessible with ZERO hassle.  A one-time registration is all that is needed to make sure you can concentrate on more important things and not pollute the world with plastic – especially when it is not needed. #periodswithoutplastic

For Women, by women, it matters.