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Organic Mondays

Panty Liner Kit

CHF 19.50

Crazy about panty liners?  We are too! 100% GOTS certified organic cotton making them naturally the best thing for your skin.  Better for you and the planet.

Everyday wear, just feel the difference and we know you'll love them !


Organic pantyliners individually wrapped (x 72)
Individually wrapped in compostable Mater-Bi® 

Delivered to your door in our beautiful, ready to display recyclable box

FREE Shipping to Switzerland

Feel the Mondays difference

We have periods every month for 35 years, which means we will use period products for 7 years straight! That's why we've created a range of natural products for a healthier period.

Organic Mondays Organic Cotton Period Products Pesticide Free

Pesticide Free

Made of GOTS organic cotton means Mondays products are hypoallergenic and breathable - healthier you & the planet

Organic Mondays Organic Cotton Period Products Plastic Free

Plastic Free

Plastics in period products can upset both the pH & bacterial balance in the vagina, resulting in repeat infections & itchiness

Organic Mondays Organic Cotton Period Products Fragrance Free

Fragrance Free

Fragrances in period products hide up to 3,000 undisclosed chemicals that can cause irritation and lead to infection

Panty Liner Kit

CHF 19.50